Starting An Event Planning And Management Service 101


The industry that is the event management and planning industry has seen an immense growth over the past few years. Studies done in the subject show that an excess of 500 billion of American Dollars is being invested annually just in this sector. This is mainly due to the fact that major corporations and even start ups decide to outsource the job of having to plan for any upcoming events to firms that specialize in such tasks instead of doing it by themselves as was the norm. Following this routine has a number of benefits or the companies as it frees their employees to focus on more important office tasks while the planning is left for better experienced individuals who are well versed on the fundamentals of planning for an event.Of course for those who are new to this little known industry; you might be wondering what is meant by event management? Striped down to its bones, event planning relates to the complete handling of everything related to an event such as finding an appropriate location, sorting out the right menu for the event and even the interior decoration of the place. It is the job of the event management company to even plan out any entertainment that needs to be at hand for the event. For an instance, if it is a 50th birthday, venues suited for that event will need to figure out by the event planner. 

Likewise in case of a 40th birthday venues Northern Suburbs Melbourne that fit the mood of such an event will have to be thought of and appropriate entertainment systems such as music or photo booths will have to be brought in to keep people occupied.To get into the industry, there are event managing and planning programs that a person can pursue to gain paper qualifications on the industry. While it is true that paper qualifications are not as valued as experience in this particular sector, when it comes to major corporations, they are more likely to go for someone who has qualifications to show that he or she is capable to handle large events rather than someone who has no qualifications on paper.In this sector, there are two available routes. One is the large business world while the other is the social side of things. As the name implies, the business side refers to events hosted by companies such as fundraises, annual year end parties and such. Social refers to things like birthday parties and anniversary parties that are hosted by individuals. This side pays less than the business side.


How To Plan A Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is a pre wedding event that is hosted by the maid of honor, the bridesmaids or close friends and family and it is a time of celebration where all the special women in the brides life is gathered in one place to present the bride with gifts and kind words to encourage the next chapter of her life called marriage and help you find the perfect veil.

If you’re a maid of honor, friend or family member who is crafting a handmade wedding gift to present to the bride at the wedding, you should put it on the backburner for a while and start planning a bridal shower that will help her accumulate a number of great items that she will find useful when living out her married life. The information that we have given below will definitely help you in your bridal shower planning endeavors so keep reading further if you are interested in throwing a soon to be bride an amazing bridal shower.

Pick a venue

Besides helping the bride pick out handmade wedding jewelry for the big day, you should start working on the bridal shower behind the scenes and surprise your friend, sister or loved one with an extravagant bridal shower before she gets married to the love of her life and to start the bridal shower planning, the first and foremost task is to pick a venue.Picking a venue is not going to be too difficult but the ideal location for a bridal shower would be a space that can be decorated and has a cozy feel so that all the ladies invited will feel at peace and relaxed in the space.

Number of invitees

It is also important to figure out all of the people that the bride would want to be present at the bridal shower so be sure not to leave any of the important family members out of it. The best way to ensure that everyone is invited is to run through the list with some of the people that known the bride best so that if anyone was left out, you can include them as well.

Activities and food

When it comes to entertainment and activities to engage in after the gift giving has taken place, you should prepare a few quizzes and games that is interactive and fun and appropriate for women of all ages as everyone from the brides’ mom to her grandmother will be present at the venue. In terms of food, you do not need to go over the top as a couple of different snacks and beverages will suffice.

How To Choose The Perfect Gift

It is an unwritten rule or an age old custom to bring gifts to party when you are invited. When we so much as visit someone’s house for an informal lunch or a dinner, we normally make it a point to bring them a home cooked dish. It is a polite way of saying “thank you for inviting me”. However, when you are attending a celebration, it is a norm to bring the host a gift for the occasion that they are celebrating. How to choose the perfect gift though, will they like what you bring them, will it be useful for them, it is an art to be able choose the perfect gift. But if you are not one for the art, then here is guide for you.

Know the occasion

If you have been invited for a party, it is apt to know what the party is in celebration of. Who the party is being held for and what is their age. All these factors play an important role in helping you decide what you should give the Gold Coast celebrant as a gift.

Know the person

It helps a great deal to know the person you are gifting. If you know them at a personal level, you might have an idea of what they like or need in their lives. This makes it a lot easier to pick out a gift for them. If you don’t already know them, then try to get an idea of their personality before the party. Speak to your common friends or people you know are going to be attending to get a general idea of what the person is like and what he might appreciate as a gift.

Know your Budget

Deciding on a gift becomes tricky when you are trying to match preferences and your budget. In case of a marriage celebrant, you are given a registry which lets you know what the newlywed couple needs. All you have to do is choose from the list of things the one thing that fits your budget and gift it to them. But every occasion is not wedding and not all parties have registries to make your job easy. Here it helps to decide on a few things and then finalize on one which fits your budget.

Consider making a gift

Some people appreciate the effort and thought that goes into making a gift. If you know the person will be happy to receive something that is not store bought, then make a gift for them, it will save you a lot of money and make an impression on the person you are gifting it to. However, a lot of them do not appreciate hand made goods and think it to be cheap, make certain of the persons preferences before you start spending time of a DIY.
Gifting can be very exciting for the person giving the gift and the person receiving it. The sheer joy of unwrapping a gift is ethereal. If the gift is from the heart, then you know for sure it is going to be loved.