The Social Network Craze In World

instaAll of us know that social network has a huge impact on people. Beginning from kids to adults everyone have a craze for social networks. Most of the social network asks for minimum of 13 years of age for using it but younger kids are using social networks for popularity among their friend. They use fake names, numbers; date of birth; address. Teenagers are losing their need to study and achieve something in life. They are distracted by the social networks and media.

Advantages of social networks
There are several advantages of social networking. Many people make use of social sites and networks to popularise their products. You will find things like Instagram printers for sale which is used to popularise your event and male more people talk about your event. Apart from this; you will get more knowledge about things by using social networks. It is now considered as a platform for mass message. You get to know many people.

Disadvantages of social networks
There are several disadvantages of social networks. When we look into the uses and ill effects of social media; there are more disadvantages. Social networks are misleading several youngsters. You find so many love and break up quotes as though your life revolves around them. There are motivational quotes but those are not so much good. Moreover youths spend so much time on these social networks rather than with books and gaining knowledge. You may argue that you a re educated by using social media but no mostly you are misguided and mislead.
There are several crimes occurring because of social media. Kidnap, rape and smuggling girls are happening because of the easy access of social media to predators. There are several cases in which people met each other online in social sites and get lead on until they meet the person in relation life.  But by that time; they understand what is happening they will be abused and find it hopeless to live. Social media is not responsible for these but it is the stage for these to happen.  And to add these problems social networks are giving kids wrong information about leaving home and living alone. Apart from this, there are lots of frauds who hack into our accounts and buy or steal things for themselves. It should be also noted that there are cyber crimes and threats due to these networks. Several companies make use of a brand name but it is fake to sell their own fake clothes and products. For more info about cheap photo booth hire Sydney, visit

How To Sell Your Tickets Online

booking.13One of the hardest things to do as individual performer or artist is to provide tickets to your consumers. It is easy enough to market your performance, but providing entrance tickets to these masses is a little bit more complicated. The age of the internet, however, have thankfully made this a lot easier. You can now sell tickets online and provide the service to your fans through the web. There are certain guidelines that you may want to follow when doing this. Here are some tips for when you want to give your fans permits via the internet:

Choose a Reliable Platform
There are many platforms on the web now that will allow you to sell tickets online. Some of them are a lot more credited than others. It is important to choose a website or platform that people trust. You are, after all, asking them to part with their hard earned money. People will be less likely to purchase anything if the website looks shady or untrustworthy. It is always important to do a little research and ensure that the service that you are being offered is legitimate. You can then sit back and watch as people purchase your tickets.
Match Prices
The advantage as well as the disadvantage of the internet is that people are constantly connected. This means that in a matter of seconds, people can check the prices of other events. This means that you have to competitively price your performance. You need to do a little bit of calculation to figure out the magic number. A price that is too high will turn people away. The downside is that if you choose a price that is too low, you will end up losing out on a lot of money. Look at the online ticketing system Australia of similar events to discover how much people think the tickets should be priced. This will give you a starting point.
Social Media Platforms
Social media is the manner in which news travels in the modern age. This is why you should use it to advertise the sale of your tickets. Broadcasting your performance with the help of social media will provide you with a large audience. It will also help for news to spread through word of mouth. It is important to frequently update the status of your performance on these platforms. This will help generate interest. When you follow these tips for promoting the sales of your tickets, you are sure to generate a greater number of purchases. With just a little bit of effort you will be on your way to hosting a sold out performance.

Tips For Planning The Ideal Proposal

If you find yourself looking at rings in the shop windows then I think it’s safe to say that you have reached that point in your relationship that you know it’s right. Congratulations! You are indeed luckier than those who are still scouring the bar looking for potential candidates. But while you might have decided to pop the question, actually doing it might take a bit more preparation. So today we will be giving you a few tips on how to make your proposal perfect for your future wife.

As they “location, location, location”. Picking the right spot will make the proposal much more perfect. You can either chose somewhere that is significant to you as a couple such as where you first met or where you went on your first date or where you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together. Or you can pick somewhere that they love or somewhere that is personal to them such as where their grandparents or parents got engaged or a place that they love or you can take them somewhere they always wanted to go. Either picking a place that has some meaning is better than picking a restaurant. Nevertheless it’s not necessary for you to take them somewhere, even a home proposal is romantic if the setting is right, a few candles and some flower arrangements will make the proposal just right.

Now when it comes to privacy of your proposal, this all depends on you as a couple. If your partner is not a big fan of PDA and enjoys their privacy, then a public proposal might not be the best. This even includes inviting her family to witness the occasion. It’s different if you invite them for champagne afterwards, but if you’re planning on having them there when you pop the question, you should ask yourself if they would be comfortable with them there. So when you’re thinking of which wedding flower packages  to surprise her with, you might want to think about that as well.

Another way to make your proposal near perfect is by hiring a photographer to capture the moment. You might think it as an intrusion on your intimate little moment but in reality the photographer will capture that look of surprise and happiness and it will be priceless. This also works in your favour as you have this as a surprise for the wedding, where you can gift the picture to your fiancée just before you tie the knot to remind her of the happiness behind the stress.