The Social Network Craze In World

instaAll of us know that social network has a huge impact on people. Beginning from kids to adults everyone have a craze for social networks. Most of the social network asks for minimum of 13 years of age for using it but younger kids are using social networks for popularity among their friend. They use fake names, numbers; date of birth; address. Teenagers are losing their need to study and achieve something in life. They are distracted by the social networks and media.

Advantages of social networks
There are several advantages of social networking. Many people make use of social sites and networks to popularise their products. You will find things like Instagram printers for sale which is used to popularise your event and male more people talk about your event. Apart from this; you will get more knowledge about things by using social networks. It is now considered as a platform for mass message. You get to know many people.

Disadvantages of social networks
There are several disadvantages of social networks. When we look into the uses and ill effects of social media; there are more disadvantages. Social networks are misleading several youngsters. You find so many love and break up quotes as though your life revolves around them. There are motivational quotes but those are not so much good. Moreover youths spend so much time on these social networks rather than with books and gaining knowledge. You may argue that you a re educated by using social media but no mostly you are misguided and mislead.
There are several crimes occurring because of social media. Kidnap, rape and smuggling girls are happening because of the easy access of social media to predators. There are several cases in which people met each other online in social sites and get lead on until they meet the person in relation life.  But by that time; they understand what is happening they will be abused and find it hopeless to live. Social media is not responsible for these but it is the stage for these to happen.  And to add these problems social networks are giving kids wrong information about leaving home and living alone. Apart from this, there are lots of frauds who hack into our accounts and buy or steal things for themselves. It should be also noted that there are cyber crimes and threats due to these networks. Several companies make use of a brand name but it is fake to sell their own fake clothes and products. For more info about cheap photo booth hire Sydney, visit