Planning Seating Arrangement For A Wedding


A wedding is all about planning and preparation as there are millions of stuffs which need to be taken care of on the special day. The seating arrangement is one such thing which is of importance as your guests need a place to sit and enjoy the occasion. The arrangement should be made so as to have a seat for each guest on the list. Therefore, prepare a guest list in advance and be sure about the number of people coming to the wedding. Make the seating arrangements accordingly.

  • Match the themeSince a wedding requires everything perfect and glamorous, you should make sure that everything looks perfect and matches the theme of the wedding. For instance, you can opt for centrepiece hire for all the tables which matches perfectly with the theme. It can be a flower vase or bunch of flowers or gorgeous looking decorative item, but make sure it suits the decor and is not a mismatch. Even, the table covers and table mats should be of matching colours in order to go with the decor. Visit this link for more info on centerpiece hire Sydney,

All the decor and decor items should be in sync with each other and should not look mismatched. Even when you opt for chair cover hire, make sure that they go with the colour scheme of the wedding. It is a quite an affordable and convenient option when it comes to matching the decor. It is better to rent these as buying them would be expensive and this is a cheaper option comparatively. Shop around little to get the best price and quality stuff. Make sure to check the fabric or material used for the cover as it should not just be of the matching colour but should also promise durability. Since it is wedding, go for quality material stuff and not the cheap ones which might be visually attractive, but of lower quality. Since these events happen once in a lifetime, make sure everything is perfect.

  • Book in advanceYou should book the stuff you are renting before hand and a month in advance as there might be a shortage of the popular colours. These usually have a waiting period as other people are using them for their events. Therefore, make sure you get in contact with the company way in advance to rent all the stuff you want on time and to your liking. Once the order is placed, most companies do not refund any amount in case you want to return any item. Therefore, make sure that you are well versed with their policy and their terms and condition. Make sure to check everything which you need on priority basis before placing the final order. Keep an invoice of the order with you.