Style Of The 80’s Makes A Comeback

Ballrooms have long since been cast aside as a thing of the past. Nobody wants to attend dances every weekend wearing those uncomfortable dancing shoes and dresses with puffy skirts. In this era, if you want to dance, it’s just about getting into your most comfortable pair of jeans and walking into the nearest dance club. Your popularity at a dance is no more measured by how many dances have been filled on your dance card, it’s simply measured by how well you can groove to the tunes.

Popularity on the rise

Many ballrooms have long since been demolished, because maintenance was hard work and nobody was calling in for a ballroom hire anymore. But some of these rooms still remain with all their stunning features and façade. I guess in the hope that one day dancing will return to these graceful rooms. And it definitely is. More and more people are starting to like the idea of hosting an event in a grand ballroom. It adds a fairytale effect to the whole occasion and transports you back in time. It transforms the men and women in the room into ladies and gentlemen giving us a sense of what it was like in days of kings and queens.

Versatility of these rooms

In the 80’s and 90’s these rooms were primarily used for dancing and dancing alone. Whatever the occasion may be, be it a wedding or the dance that was held for harvest celebrations. But now the function of these rooms are becoming more versatile, they are ready to host any kind of event. Sure they are mostly used as best wedding venues since it is the most apt location to have a wedding with a fairytale theme, but they also host a variety of other events like university balls and formal conferences. This versatility helps to keep the ballrooms running, which would have otherwise closed down long time ago after the advent of hotels.

It holds only joy

These ballrooms were places where the whole town used to gather to celebrate a joyous occasion. There was plenty of laughter and fun. It would bring with it a sense of togetherness. And over here people learnt to appreciate on another’s company. In short it makes you feel like you belong and brings the whole community together. And this may truly be the reason why ballrooms are making a grand comeback these days, because people feel now more than ever that there needs to be celebrations that involve the whole town rather than a few selected people.